About us

REVTEC - Elevating the Retail Experience for Model Accessories

At REVTEC, we redefine the retail landscape for model accessories with a clear and innovative approach. As the undisputed leader in this realm, we bring you the N°1 retail concept for model accessories, setting new standards and reimagining how you experience these essential components.

Unveiling Clarity in Assortment: Transforming Complexity into Balance
Navigating through a convoluted array of product options can be perplexing. At REVTEC, we've undertaken the mission to untangle this complexity. Our categorization system transforms the vague and intricate product assortment into a seamless, well-balanced structure. With us, finding the perfect accessory becomes a joyful journey, as every category is thoughtfully curated to meet your precise needs.

Driving Turnover, Guaranteed: Elevating Your RC Accessory Business
For retailers and hobbyists alike, the bottom line matters. We recognize the significance of a healthy turnover, and REVTEC guarantees just that. Our unique approach to presenting model accessories enhances customer engagement, driving sales and elevating your RC accessory business to new heights. With REVTEC, you're not just getting accessories; you're embracing a retail revolution that translates into tangible growth.

Quality First: Elevating Your Expectations
At REVTEC, quality reigns supreme. We've scoured the globe to forge partnerships with the finest RC accessory manufacturers from Europe, USA, Taiwan, and China. We're rigorous in our selection process, adhering to stringent quality criteria that ensure only the best products grace our collection. When you choose REVTEC, you're choosing excellence, craftsmanship, and the assurance that every accessory meets the highest standards.

Sustainability in Every Detail: The REVTEC Packaging Advantage
We're not just about accessories; we're about responsible retailing. Every REVTEC product arrives in re-usable blister packs, made from recycled PET and designed with the environment in mind. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the source, as all blister packs are meticulously produced and packaged in Belgium. With REVTEC, you're not just accessorizing your models; you're helping for a greener future.

Empowering Economies: The REVTEC European Connection
As proud supporters of the European economy, REVTEC stands tall in its commitment. An impressive 80% of our diverse range is sourced from European factories, bolstering local industries and showcasing the richness of craftsmanship within the continent. Furthermore, our dedication to European excellence extends to our packaging, with 100% of blister production and packing taking place in Belgium. With REVTEC, you're not just buying accessories; you're investing in a vibrant European economy.

REVTEC stands as the ultimate retail concept for model accessories, an embodiment of clarity, quality, sustainability, and economic empowerment.